What do I need to bring on the day?

We recommend you bring the following: sun-cream, towel if you want to go swimming, hat (but not wide brimmed as it will blow off!), camera, and plenty of water to drink! 

Are Intimate Charter tours suitable for children?

Some of our most enthusiastic guests are children! They love it! However our minimum age requirement is 5.

Do you carry children’s life jackets?

Yes we do. However it is essential you let us know the age of your children when you book to ensure that we have the right junior sizes. Please request your children’s lifejackets here: 

Do you take non-swimmers?

Yes. However non-swimmers are not allowed to swim or take part in any water activity outside of the boat, even when wearing a lifejacket. 

Can we bring pets?

Water confident dogs who have their own pet-lifejacket are welcome. No other pets are allowed on board.

What happens if I feel seasick?

You are much less likely to feel seasick on the Mustang than on a big ship as the horizon is always in your view. For those who feel seasick we carry motion sickness tablets and of course we will be highly considerate to anyone feeling ill, for any reason, even if it means returning to shore as soon as possible.

Do you offer catering?

Yes we offer 3 levels of catering. Click here for more details:  

Can we bring our own food and drink?

Yes you are most welcome to cater for yourselves. Please note you will also need to provide your own eating and drinking utensils (paper or plastic).
Click here for more details: 

Can we arrange for our own caterer?

Unfortunately we cannot accept deliveries on your behalf as most caterers will not deliver to a boat. So any external caterer would need to be delivered directly to you for you to bring on board.

What happens in bad weather?

Intimate Charters operates a Fair Weather Policy. If the weather is, or is forecast to be, unsuitable for comfortable sailing the tour will be cancelled and an alternative date or a full refund offered. Click here for more details: 

Is lunch included in those tours where ‘lunch’ is mentioned?

Lunch is not included in the price as menus at our recommended restaurants are wide and varied, and the choice is yours. You simply order what you like and pay directly to the restaurant.

Where can you pick-up and drop-off?

We are based in Aberdeen and to get the full extent and best experience from your charter we recommend to start and finish in Aberdeen. However we can pick-up and drop-off at any public pier, e.g. Stanley, Tai Tam, Causeway Bay, Quarry Bay and many others. However where this means extra distance a surcharge is added. Contact us to discuss your requirements :  

Is there a toilet onboard?

Yes. We have a proper flushing toilet onboard. 

Can we extend our time on the day?

Providing there are no other bookings or requirements for the boat or its crew you are welcome to extend your time on the boat. You will be charged the difference between your booked charter and the price of your now extended charter. Click here for details: 

Can we snorkel?

Yes. If you want to snorkel we recommend the “Hong Kong’s Spectacular Coastal Scenery” Tour where you can snorkel on coral reefs off either Sharp Island or Bluff Island. 
Click here for details: 

Do you provide snorkeling gear?

No. You need to provide your own snorkeling gear.

Are the hikes guided hikes?

Yes. Our hikes are led by highly experienced hikers from Hong Kong Hikers. 

What happens if we have young or elderly with us. Can you provide a short and easy hike?

Yes. We can take you on hikes that have only gentle climbs and descents, and that are paved for the whole route. Contact us to discuss your exact requirements: