Southern bays chill-out

The perfect way to spend a couple of hours chilling out on the water.

From Aberdeen we'll experience first an exhilarating ride to Deep Water Bay, sailing sedately past the Royal Yacht Club on Middle Island (tide dependent). We’ll run parallel to the promenade to run into Repulse Bay, sail past its famous Tin Hau Temple and into Middle Bay.

Finally we’ll lay anchor in either South Bay or Chung Hom Bay and while away an hour or two overlooking the South China Sea.


A great value tour that allows you to see three sides of Hong Kong in a half day itinerary. We’ll see both the beautiful bays of southern Hong Kong Island with their luxury houses and apartments, and the remote and hidden bays of southern Lamma where Green Turtles nest. We’ll also experience Aberdeen’s vibrant fishing harbour.

The route takes us from Aberdeen past Middle Island into Repulse Bay and South Bay. Crossing the shipping lanes your skipper will take the boat close enough for you be impressed by the enormity of today’s container ships, but keep far enough away to remain in complete safety.

We’ll follow the southern shoreline of Lamma Island before motoring sedately up the Shan Wan inlet for a distance of about one mile to reach the beautiful sandy beach* and clear waters of Sham Wan, perfect for a swim and lunch or refreshments on board!

* Note the beach is a restricted area from June to October when the turtles nest. During these months we are free to swim in the bay but not allowed on the beach itself.


Escape Hong Kong to the distant isle of Po Toi, with a detour past Middle Island, into Repulse Bay and across to South Bay, where time permitting we’ll take a short break. 

We'll speed past the peninsula of Chung Hom, look in awe as we pass the Stanley Earth Station, and then swing round Beaufort Island to deliver you to one of Hong Kong's best kept culinary secrets, Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant. 

Indulge in what is reputedly "the best Black Pepper Squid in the world", or try the succulent scallops and the many glorious vegetable dishes. 

Stroll along the coastal paths above the craggy cliffs that overlook the South China Sea before returning to the boat for a fast ride home.



Leaving Aberdeen we’ll take you first through the glorious bays of southern Hong Kong Island. If you wish we can lay anchor, open a bottle of wine, and chill-out in one of the bays before we get underway passing by the peninsula of Chung Hum Kok , and the surreal Stanley Earth Station.

We pass the craggy Cape D’Aguilar and take a bearing north through the Tathong Channel to the island of Tung Lung where we’ll ease back and cruise slowly through the sea village before tying up at the fish farm to experience the freshest possible seafood cooked in true Cantonese style.

After a very satisfying lunch we’ll head back south and take a small detour through a small channel, bordered by the the tiny islands of Tai Tau Chau and Ng Fan Chau, to arrive off Shek-O Beach. Depending on your time we can rest a while in the bay or head for home and a fast return to Aberdeen.


A short voyage across the shipping lanes but a world away from Hong Kong is Lamma! We'll take you on a circular tour of the island to undiscovered bays and spectacular shorelines.

We'll stop for a culinary experience at your choice of seafood restaurant in either Sok Kwu Wan or Yung Shue Wan. Or alternatively take advantage of our catering services or bring your own lunch and we'll anchor up in Sham Wan for a leisurely lunch, a beautiful and peaceful bay that is also a protected Green Turtle nesting site.

After lunch there's an opportunity to frolic in some of the clearest waters in Hong Kong, ideal for swimming.

We’ll then depart for home after being impressed by the awesome scale of Hong Kong's largest power station. Finally before disembarkation we’ll weave our way through the fascinating jamboree of both small and large fishing boats that make up Aberdeen Harbour.


Leaving Aberdeen we'll pass the boat people and fishing communities that make this harbour one of the most vibrant scenes of Hong Kong.

We'll join some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and see at close quarters just how mammoth today's container ships really are. Entering the bustling Port of Hong Kong we'll see containers being loaded and off-loaded (traffic permitting) and tugs hard at work, pulling and shunting.

Bridges are on our agenda and the best place to see the scale and beauty of a bridge is from beneath. So we'll first pass under the impressive Stone Cutters Bridge, before dipping below

Tsing Yi's 4 eastern bridges. But we'll save the best for last with the two breathtakingly beautiful bridges of Ting Kau and Tsing Ma, modern architectural and engineering wonders! We'll take our return journey through the barrage of ships and boats moored outside the reaches of Victoria Harbour before landing back in Aberdeen. … Quite a trip!


The ultimate way to see Hong Kong - from all sides! 

Departing from Aberdeen we'll see how Aberdeen's fishing community lives and thrives on the water. Then into Victoria Harbour where we're restricted to 10 knots but with all the sights on both sides we won't want to hurry. Past Kennedy Town and Sheng Wan, dodging the Star Ferry, Tsim Sha Tsui to port and Central, Admiralty, and Causeway Bay to starboard - we'll give you one of the best views of what must be the most spectacular man made vista in the world, the Hong Kong skyline! 

As we enter the Tathong Channel you will have the choice of taking an amazing seafood lunch at the sea village off Tung Lung Island, or laying down anchor off Shek O Beach or South Bay to chill out with lunch aboard. Whichever you choose, sit back and enjoy the idyllic setting, before we head for home.


Where will you find our captain on his day off? For sure he'll be exploring Hong Kong’s National Geopark! We'll show you coastal scenery of such staggering scale and beauty that it will leave you awe struck. This is Hong Kong as you have never seen and can never imagine!

We'll power up and plane across the water to reach the northern shores of Hong Kong in little more than an hour and a half. We start to weave our way through the archipelago of islands with Sharp Island to port and Kau Sai Chau to starboard. We'll take a sharp turn

to starboard at exhilarating speed before heading down through Rocky Bay & Sor See Mun Passage to get some spectacular close hand views of Wang Chau Kok sea arch. With our shallow draft, and if the tides are right, we'll drift slowly through the narrow channels of Sam Chau Mun and Bun Bei Chau to pass by Basalt and Bluff Islands and start our journey home.

During the trip we’ll make time to stop for some fabulously fresh seafood at places only accessible by boat, either at Sau Kiu Tau or Kau Sai Wan, an offshore fish farm where they are always happy to cook some spectacular fish especially for us!